Brawlbase landing page

I created a fictitious website for a game called Brawlhalla, where users can post guides and content. To see the final result of the site go to

Site Goal

Primary Goal: The primary goal of the website is to create a website with multiple pages that people can easily navigate through. The website will have a menu, a page with blog entries for updates, a page for character information, social media will be placed in the footer along with the contact information. There will be a page with a form to make guides. We want the users to spend their time on the website enjoying the content that is there.


Secondary Goal: I want the navigation to be fixed at the top so while they are browsing the site they will be able to navigate at any time.

Secondary Goal: Have a gallery of images and videos that people can see of cool plays or character designs.

Secondary Goal: It would be nice to have user registrations for people to upload their own content.

User Personas

User persona 1


User persona 2

Brainstorming Process



Game Information

Content Blog

Website Features

Which would fit best

Content Inventory

Having a content inventory makes sure all the requirements are checked off makes sure to keep every person organized.

Content Inventory




User Stories


Low fidelity Wireframes


low fidelity wireframe 1

Low fidelity wireframe 2


High fidelity Wireframes

After seeing how the site would function and the main base it is now time to come up with how it would actually look when created. This process is useful because there is still no coding involved so no time will be wasted by developers if it doesn’t work right.

Brawlbase wireframe 1Brawlbase wireframe 2















I created a front-end design on how Brawlbase would look and feel if completely created. You can find the created one page here:

October 29, 2018